As a small business owner in North Dakota, summer is the perfect time to refresh your marketing. Here are 7 summer marketing ideas to make your business shine this summer.

1. Offer Summer-Themed Products

Think sunshine, pool parties, and bonfires. By incorporating these fun themes into your small businesses summer marketing, you can boost your sales with the season.

For example, add summer-themed designs or quotes to tank tops, create tote bags with sunny prints and breezy taglines perfect for beach-goers, and customize water bottles with vivid summer prints or motivational quotes to make them a must-have for outdoor activities.

Combine fun summer items next to the everyday staples that your customers already come in for. Put them front and center to increase visibility and sales!

2. Use Social Media

With summer comes a ton of options for your small business social media. Update your branding with a summer twist to catch your customer’s eye, use bright colors and fresh pictures, and tie your campaigns to popular summer events like music or town festivals and sports. Then share, share, share it!

3. Promos and Sales

Take advantage of summer holidays and warm weather to drive sales. Host sales events for holidays like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Back to School, and Labor Day. Implement fun temperature-based sales where discounts rise with the temperature, and include summer-themed freebies with purchases to create excitement!

4. Optimize Your Email Marketing

Enhance your emails with summer-themed subject lines and content. You could even be corny and use phrases like “Sizzle in new summer styles” or “Cool down with our icy deals!” to catch attention. Highlight seasonal products or sales, send your emails along with summer holidays and events, and create a sense of urgency with subject lines like “Last chance for summer deals!”

5. Develop a Summer Loyalty Program

Start a loyalty program to keep customers coming back to your small business. Or offer a summer points program where purchases earn points redeemable for discounts or free summer-themed items.

6. Organize In-Store or Sidewalk Sales

Utilize outdoor space to attract more customers. Set up summer merchandise outside your store with sidewalk sales, host special in-store events to offer a unique shopping experience. You could even get other local small businesses involved and create a summer wine walk from store to store!

Go above and beyond and attract pet owners by setting up pet-friendly amenities like water bowls outside your storefront.

7. Invest in Outdoor Signage and Banners

Use the beautiful weather to your advantage with eye-catching outdoor advertising. A-Frame signs are ideal for attracting foot traffic, yard signs work well for high-traffic intersections, and banners are great for making big announcements or promoting special offers.

By implementing some of these strategies for your small business, you can really use the summer season to boost your sales. Whether it’s through social media, promotions, or engaging outdoor sales, there are so many ways to make your brand stand out with fun summer marketing!

At Simple Wolf Media, we specialize in helping North Dakota small businesses shine. Contact us today to start planning your summer marketing strategy and make this season your best one yet!

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