In the spirit of spreading joy, finding the perfect gifts for coworkers and your boss can be a fun way to express gratitude and appreciation. But it isn’t always easy to do! Whether it’s for a holiday celebration, or just a spontaneous gesture of goodwill, thoughtful gifts can warm anyones heart.

Lets explore a variety of ideas that strike the balance between professionalism and personal touch.

Edible Treats
Delight your colleagues and boss with gourmet or even homemade treats. You don’t have to spend a lot to give a thoughtful gift. Making their favorite dish or treat, such as homemade bread or jam, or both could be just what they want! You could even include a new cookbook with the gift if they like to cook too. I have and love everything I have made in this Half Baked Harvest Cookbook!

Homemade not your thing? Maybe try a basket of premium chocolates, artisanal coffee blends, or a selection of exotic teas. Edible gifts are a safe bet and can be easily shared in the office. You can easily make it into a basket with logoed travel mug or shirt too! I’ve received Cheryls Cookies as gifts in the past and they are a great treat to send to those far away. Or if you want to package the treats in a nice cooler or lunch box. This Carhartt cooler bag would be a great option! Add their logo or name for a little customized bundle!


Tech Gadgets

Consider small tech gadgets that can make their workdays more efficient or enjoyable. Bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, or stylish phone stands are practical gifts that add a modern touch to their workspace. I have the Raycon earbuds, and LOVE them, they come with multiple earpiece sizes to fit any ear, and have a great battery life! If they don’t like earbuds these Bose headphones are a great deal today on Amazon!

You could even try a tech gadget not for the office! These heated gloves have been a hit in the past, or this wireless smart meat thermometer is great for those who like to grill or smoke things! Add in some fun seasoning rubs and you have a fun bundle for them!


Funny gifts!

Having a white elephant gift exchange or just want to spice things up a little with something funny, this beard bib apron is funny, and useful!  The completed/paid/Not my job stamp stamp set of some funny memo pads would both be classic co-worker gifts!

You can always do a custom apparel item for them too. I can make (almost) any design you want for them! Contact me soon if you want something custom made up!

 This acrylic window bird feeder is fun! It attaches right to your window so you can see the birds up close! Or this squirrel feeder picnic table would be a hoot!

Choosing the perfect gifts for coworkers and your boss doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, don’t stress, and have fun this season!


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