It’s the Ho-Ho-Holiday Season, and with that comes company parties! Are you in charge of planning but feeling a little lost? Or maybe you are looking for some inspiration. It just so happens that I can help you out with that! Planning and organizing parties isn’t something I promote often, but is a part of my business that I really enjoy.

Since it is almost the end of November, you likely have the basics covered, such as the date, venue, and food, but what else is there? Having a theme and centering all your other elements around it will transform your company party into a memorable event.

Recently I have been ordering customer gifts and wondering how to pull together the theme and giveaways for a party. Maybe you have chosen something fun and different like having a bonfire, serving wood fire pizzas, or even having a mocktail or Italian soda station.

We recently had a wood fire pizza truck come to our town festival and everyone loved it. (We live in a small town, we get excited easily) Maybe you want to hire a food truck to come to your party or office? Or better yet, find a place you can go and make your own pizzas and then cook them for your meal! Make it interactive!

Consider ordering logoed swag that ties back to that central part of your party! Hand out blankets, scarves, or hats before the bonfire, or send custom pizza cutters home with your employees and customers after a meal of wood fire pizzas, or just having logoed mugs or tumblers for the drinks that they can take home at the end of the party. Let me help you make it memorable!

Another way you can incorporate the theme is by having a photo booth station with a custom backdrop and props. Who doesn’t love a good photo booth!?

Paying attention to these little details that tie your event together will set you apart and make it that much more special.


If you need help with planning, swag, or banners, give me a shout!

Let’s get this party started!!


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