Don’t make the mistake of underestimating your email marketing campaigns! More than 90 percent of businesses say email marketing is important to their overall success, and there is no wonder why.

What is so Great About Emails?

Emails allow you to accomplish various tasks (such as education, surveys, updates, and announcements) in one place. It is a quick and efficient way to communicate with your customers and has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy.

But What Should I send?

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Once a person signs up for your email list, send them a welcome email. This may include a video telling the story of your brand, introducing yourself and your most popular products, or maybe even a coupon for their next purchase.

You can also send emails as a reaction to how they have interacted with your website. If a customer added an item to the cart but abandoned it, send a reminder. Once a customer has bought something, send them complimentary product ideas or ask them to rate their purchase. Or maybe you would like to offer them an incentive to refer others to you.

Be You!

However you choose to interact with your audience, personalization is key! Companies that have a personal touch generate 40% more revenue than the average business.

One way to add a personal touch is through storytelling. Explain how your business came to be and what inspired you to create products that fill a gap in the market. Storytelling creates community and invites customers to participate in that story by supporting you. We like doing business with people we like!

9 in 10 marketers believed personalization is crucial to overall business strategy since 80 percent of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

Plain Text? HTML? What does it all mean?

Now you have all this great content, but what should it look like? Plain text or HTML? Which is right for you?

Plain text is seen in text messages and other email correspondence which leads people to associate it with a real person. Making it a good option to encourage engagement from your emails.

HTML is associated with marketing automation, like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact emails and newsletters. There aren’t likely to be many direct replies to this type of content, but expect other engagement such as clicking on links and sales images.


Remember to keep the look of your emails consistent in color, logo, and font size. A clean and consistent brand will make you memorable and recognizable. It should also be easily viewable on both desktop and mobile devices, so send test emails and view on both before publishing.

Begin to more fully utilize your email marketing campaigns today by implementing these tips and tricks!

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