Are you looking for a way to make your business look a little more professional? An easy way to do that is to step up your packaging. Here are a couple ideas on how to showcase your brand through packaging.



Do you bag your products when you make a sale? It’s easy to find plain white or brown bags, but an easy way to level up those bags is with a stamp of your logo. You can order a stamp of your logo on a site like Etsy. Or even order stickers of your logo if you want it to be full color!

I like to use reusable bags for my customers. Giving them something useful along with their order is a nice touch. Plus it’s a bonus if they use it for other things out and about, sharing your brand everywhere they go!

Mailing/Poly Bags

StickerMule Packing Tape

Do you mail clothes or other soft items? Using a poly bag with a cute print is a fun way to step up your packaging, or have a custom poly bag created with your logo or other fun design. StickerMule is a great site to order poly bags from.



Just like bags, an easy way to step up your packing boxes is to order plain white or brown boxes. You can easily dress those up with a stamp or full color sticker. But my favorite way is to use custom packing tape. You can order custom packing tape from You can send them any design or just your logo and your boxes will become next level! If you really want to go all out you can even get custom printed boxes as well. A lot of subscription boxes will come fully decorated inside and out. Printing those boxes can get pretty pricey though. 

Sending and receiving packages, or bags that have your brand easily recognized is always great for business. When people see that in their mail, or just seeing someone else carry your branded bag around, helps spread your name and keeps your business front of mind! 

If you ever need any design ideas, or need help leveling up your packaging, give me a shout!


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