The summer is finally starting to heat up, and people want to quench their thirst! 😉 

I have been super busy this summer ordering up custom promo items and signage for business. Summer is a great time of year to stock up as well as replace any old exterior signs while it is warm enough outside to do so. Here in the Midwest, it seems that we have fewer and fewer months to do these things!

There are quite a few new products on the market this year for you to put your logo on, from bag chairs with coolers in the arms, to beach balls filled with confetti! But one of the hottest items I have been creating for customers are cups! Cups are a tried and true swag item, that you just can’t go wrong with! I am in love with the color changing cups I designed for my own business to hand out at parades and other events. The colors they change when they are cold are just so bright and vibrant!

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If you are looking for something a little classier to put your logo on I love these glass mason jar mugs! Glass can be tricky to ship, but can be totally worth it, when you get an end product like this! They even come with a matching straw.


Another hot option is this double wall insulation, BPA Free, 22oz. tumbler. These are perfect for those summer drinks and to give to your customers. With a 3″ imprint area there is plenty of room for your logo and other information. Often times the imprint area can be so small on swag, but I love that all of these options give you the ability to really show off your brand!


If you happen to have cups that you want to use already, having custom permanent stickers made with your logo to apply can be another great option. That way you can have them cut to any shape and size to fit your needs!

There are so many cups to choose from, often times finding one you like that is good quality is the hard part! These are just a few options. Give me a shout today if you need a drink in your hand – and your customers!

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