Did you know Christmas is only 260 days away? Are you ready for it? Somethings we need to plan ahead for, like logoed swag, often needs to be ordered a few weeks in advance. So let me help you plan ahead! Here are a few examples of some great new items for this Holiday season. The below Holiday Gift guide has my discounted pricing shown, and it’s valid until the end of the year. Stainless Steel bottles are all the rage right now, and this 24oz bottle is perfect, since it comes with a flip top! My discounted price is $10.29, regular price on 36 is $13.99! The touch screen gloves would be a great giveaway for an outdoor event! Allowing people to still use their smartphones and see your logo all winter long too! My discounted price is $5.25 on 200 or more, regular price is $7.00! The portable tool kit would make a great gift for realtors, builders or anyone in any sort of service industry! I have to say I got one for my wedding, which I never thought I would use, but I use it ALL THE TIME! My discounted price is $9.59 for 30+, regular price is $15.25! The Travel/Event Kit (aka Hangover Kit) would be such a great giveaway for any event you are hosting! Trade shows, business gathering, Christmas parties, etc! They include, Advil, device wipes, vitamin C, antibacterial wipes, antacid and mints! My discounted price is $2.99 on 150+, regular price is $3.37. Gift Guide Ideas Mugs are always a safe giveaway. Everyone uses them, and they last forever! There are a ton of options on the mugs page but I like this one because it is different! It is black on the outside and you can pick the inside color. ( I also really like #7!) My discounted price on this black 14oz Kona Mug is $2.70 each on 72+, regular price is $5.00. And last but not least Funky Chunky! This is my favorite Holiday gift! It is great for businesses, and family and friends! You can purchase it with or without your logo o the bags/box too! With the logo their is a $30 set up fee, without the logo you just pay per item! One thing I love about this company is you can mix and match any items to meet there minimums! So if you want to order 10 Large bags and 14 small bags you can because that meets the 24 min! The Funky box discounted price is $25.29 for 12+, regular price $29 each. The small bags aren’t a huge savings, at $3.49 each, but the large bags save .50 cents at $5.59 each for 24+. *TO VIEW THE ENTIRE HOLIDAY GUIDE CATALOG CLICK HERE. * TO VIEW THE ENTIRE FUNKY CHUNK CATALOG CLICK HERE. The prices in the catalog do not reflect my discounted pricing! Make sure to contact me to get your discounted pricing! Most items have an additional set-up charge. Complete spec info in the Holiday Guide link above. [icon name=”gift” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Click here for a downloadable PDF version of the Holiday Gift Guide.

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