Summer has ended and trade-show season is officially here.  I had my first bridal show last weekend and there are more coming up. With all my prep I thought now was a great time to share a few tips to help you start prepping for a trade show too.


The first thing I make sure every booth I have and my customers have is a large banner. You want to make sure people can see what you do as they walk by. There is nothing worse than seeing potential customers walk by and not stop because they don’t know what you do. They aren’t going to stop and ask you what you do, so you need to make it easy for them to see.

Have multiple banners that show the services you offer, or that have answers to whatever the most common questions you get asked. Again, make it easy for potential customers to see what you do.


You don’t want your booth to blend in with all the rest, have something unique and interactive to bring people into your area. In my bridal show booths I use giant jenga to get brides to interact with me to earn a prize. Its a great way to draw attention and to have something to do while they ask questions about their wedding stationary needs.

Here is a photo of my most recent bridal show in Bismarck last week, with my giant jenga  in the middle.


It’s important to have a good brochure or handout to give to potential customers who stop at your booth. If you could only share one thing with those who stop at you booth what would it be? Turn that into a handout for your potential customer to take with them. I have a pricing handout I give to brides, as well as custom business cards geared just for the bridal market, along with samples so they remember what they liked about me and my booth. It’s all about making it easy for your potential customers to find what they need to know about your company, services and to be able to contact you after the show.


Have something fun to give away at your booth. I like to do something unique along with my giant jenga game. My top prize was a pop socket, which is very popular right now, I also had some can koozies, pens, and tumbler cups, along with some Lindt chocolates for an additional giveaway for the bridal party guests. Make sure to include your contact info on anything you giveaway!

If you need something fun and new to give away, don’t forget that I can get you special discounted pricing on tons of logoed swag. Check out this seasons hot holiday items here, or drop me a line to order something custom today!


Don’t forget to have fun! Enjoy yourself at your next show, the more fun your having the more the people around you will see it.  I love every minute of my trade shows. Interacting with people and talking them about how I can help them is the highlight of my week!

Show your customer what working with you would be like by sharing your personality and enthusiasm for what you do at your next trade show.

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