I received a letter in the mail today that said Domain Services in big type at the top. Have you ever gotten one of these letters? 

I like to remind everyone that these letters are scams. If you get a letter in the mail saying your website domain fee is due now or past due. Don’t pay it. If you’re not sure, contact your website host or designer and ask them.

Your website and domain are all hosted online. They already have your credit card info on file so they can auto renew your services each year, they will not send you a letter in the mail.

If you really read the fine print, it will say something like this fee will provide you with a listing of your website on USdomainauthority.com or something along those lines. So they want to charge you hundreds of dollars to add your website domain on a list of domains on their website. Just say no!

When I am talking to a client about their website or domain invoice or billing cycles, I hate when I have to tell them the invoice they paid from the mail was a scam. So when in doubt please ask!

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