Have you noticed? The trees are starting to change color! Seriously! I’m not sure when Fall arrived, but it’s here! Is your business ready for the change of seasons? Here are 5 fall marketing tips to help heat up your business this fall!


Fall is a great time to check your inventory. Do you have a lot of stock on some summer items? Customers LOVE a good sale!

Seriously, I received an email last week that was celebrating the businesses birthday. To celebrate they were giving away a free birthday product with every $30 purchase, plus a free key chain, plus free shipping. I seriously said, how can I NOT buy something with an offer this good!? Customers love to feel like they are getting a great deal.

Want to start a little smaller? Maybe try a 24-Hour sale, or a BOGO sale to help move that seasonal inventory. Have a Back To School special, Fall Sale, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Small Business Saturday Sale, there are so many options!

Is your town offering trick or treating at the town businesses for Halloween? Why not set up a specials rack in the front of the store, where all that traffic will be visiting? You know you will have extra kids and parents in the store that day, so feature some of your kid-friendly products!


Do you have a lot of repeat customers? Why not ditch the plastic bags, and offer a branded reusable bag to your customers. Take it one step further, and then offer a discount if they bring it back to carry home their next purchase!

Another idea is to have a couple small freebies to toss in with each purchase, like chapstick or a pen. Or think of a complimentary freebie you could offer that pairs well with your product. Are you a local winery? Why not offer a free bottle opener with purchase? Everyone keeps a bottle opener in their purse, right? Why not make it one with your brand on it?!

Or back to that Halloween example, why not have some trick or treat bags made up with your logo, and hand them out to the kids on Halloween for all their candy? You can get a bag like this for around .50ea for 250 or .41ea for 500. That is pretty cheap advertising!

Promotional items are always a great way to get your company name out.  Did you know, on average 87% of recipients kept a promotional item for longer than 12 months? Now that is a reason to brand your gear!


With the changing of the seasons, many non-profits are holding fundraisers. Why not reach out to your favorite charity, like an animal shelter, and offer them your store for a day? Or do you own a nutrition store? Why not reach out to the local gym or yoga instructor and see if they want to hold a class at your store? Cross-marketing is a great way to reach new customers.

Fall is also a busy time for the local Chamber of Commerce. Try getting more involved with the holiday events, or offer to be a sponsor. There is no better marketing than supporting your own community.



Savvy business owners understand that sharing is caring. 🙂 And for once I don’t mean sharing on social media!

Do you have a popular recipe that all your customers love? Why not share the details with your customers during an appreciation event or fall promo. Even if they learn to make your dish at home, more often than not, they will still want you to cook for them, and may even come in more often to try new dishes!

With so many seasonal treats available like apple pie and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, you could host a fall-themed event. Put together a seasonal menu, maybe even bring in another local business who offers complimentary menu items, beverages or products. Invite all your customers and theirs, and promote it to bring in some new ones too! Make sure to share teaser photos before to get your customers taste buds watering, as well as sharing photos of the fun afterward!


As the weather cools, now is a great time to highlight those cold weather products! Put together a Pinterest board with fall looks highlighting your products! Highlight this year’s fall fashion or product trends through photos! If you sell clothes, pairing your clothing together to show how to wear them this season is a great way to upsell additional items. Own a salon? Highlight this season’s hairstyles! Make sure to include a call to action to schedule an appointment with you, or to purchase the seasonal outfit.

Fall is a prime time to promote your business! With so many holidays on the horizon make sure you have a plan to really heat up your businesses sales. Don’t have a plan?? Check out my post here from last winter on how to create your own fast easy marketing plan for your business.

Don’t let another season pass you by, get out there and heat things up with these fall marketing tips today!

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