Summer Swag

With the warm weather finally here along with it comes community parades and outdoor activities.Both are a great way to create awareness for your business.
Your number one goal as a participant is to try and be memorable. Put some thought into your giveaways and make sure to have your name/logo and contact info on everything you hand out.
Now is also a great time to make sure your banners and signage are up to date and ready for any upcoming events!
Make sure to attach a business card or flyer with every item you hand out. Try to be unique, come up with a fun slogan that goes with the parade or event theme. Make your giveaway stand out too. Instead of handing out the standard rainbow colored bracelets, try a slap bracelet, or instead of throwing out can koozies, put an ice cold bottle of water in them first. It is often the little things that people will remember. Including a coupon is another great way to get customers in your door after the parade!
Remember to keep your message short and memorable. Make sure everyone remembers you, why you were there and what you have to offer them. And have some fun while you’re at it!
If you need help updating your banners, or want some cool swag with your logo on it, give Simple Wolf a call today at 701-680-7741 or email Angela at

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