With the weather warming up, I’ve gotten the itch to get outside! I’ve been enjoying running outdoors, washing my car by hand, and grilling! With the change of season, you also need to be thinking about a change in your marketing plan. Spring has officially sprung and here are a few tips to help you create some fresh Spring marketing ideas.

With so many holidays and events in the Spring, pick 1 or 2 that fit with your brand to focus on. Easter, Mother’s Day & Cinco de Mayo are a couple big ones, but a few others that might fit your brand better could include Tax Day- April 15, Earth Day – April 22, Kentucky Derby – May 1 or even the Baseball opener, Spring cleaning or Spring Break!Next, plan your content to go along with the event you choose. If you are having an event or sale, start with your event dates, and

For example, Tax day is often a day dreaded by many. Turning it into something fun can make you stand out! Offer a 15% discount, or tax refund special, or just encourage your customers to stop in that day for some tax relief! Here is a fun Facebook banner you can add your sale info to!


You can use this Tax Day Facebook banner too!

Next, plan your content to go along with the event you choose. If you are having an event or sale, start with your event dates, and back up your content from there. Schedule some social media posts, daily for the week of your event, and 1-2x/week leading up to your event. Include it in your next email campaign or newsletter, create some flyers/posters for your store and website, maybe even put an ad in the local paper or area magazines. Make sure to get everything on your calendar so you don’t forget! Need help organizing your content, download my free Marketing Plan Template here.

  Try to think outside the box, and come up with some new ideas this Spring!  Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Promote a product or spring product line
  2. Host a workshop teaching your customers how to use a spring product-either in your store or online
  3. Partner with another local business and do some cross promoting
  4. Host a spring contest – people love to win stuff!
  5. Clean up! Use Earth Day as a reason to get outside and clean up your town. Encourage customers to join in and provide refreshments afterward.
  6. Create a Mother’s Day contest! Have customers nominate their mothers to win a special prize.
Don’t forget after your event or holiday to wrap up your marketing with a Thank you to your customers. Then gather your results and analyze what worked, what didn’t and what you can do differently next time! Don’t be afraid to try new things, get creative and have fun!

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