As a small business owner, you know how hard it is to grow your business and to attract customers. Now that you have established your business, and have started a customer list, how are you staying in contact with these customers? One of the easiest ways to do this is with a (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly) newsletter.
Newsletters perform two major functions: reminding potential clients that you’re here, of all your services and of just how awesome you are!
Here are 3 reasons why you should use a newsletter to stay in touch with your customers.


Newsletters are a personal way to create a connection with your existing and potential clients, and to display your expertise and knowledge on a deeper level. Companies who focus on relationship building are much more likely to generate loyalty and repeat business. Being THE resource your clients and potential clients look to for help and support is the perfect way to establish that connection.
  • Do you have a lot of customers asking how to use your product? Why not include a how-to article or video?
  • Do you see a new trend emerging in your field? Share the knowledge with your customers.
  • Will you be at an upcoming event? Let your customers know, so they can stop by and visit with you!
  • Is there a holiday around the corner? Share your related products, or tell your customers how to use your products to make them sales around the holiday.
  • Do you have a photo of someone using or wearing your product? A picture is worth a thousand words! Seeing your product in action can really capture your visual customers (like me!)



When someone views your newsletter, you’ve got the opportunity to highlight a product, explain the benefits, and connect them to a point of sale or call to action in moments.
Why not include a section of your newsletter to highlight customers using your products, as a testimonial for you! I’ve heard this a lot lately, “People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.” So instead of using your newsletter to sell your products and services, let your happy customers do it for you!
According to Econsultancy, 61% of shoppers read product reviews before making a purchase. If you can present your customers with everything they need in your newsletter, you are increasing your chance for a sale.
I have to admit, I bet more than once a month, I make a purchase because of a companies email I received. Although, to be fair, I live in a small town and do most of my shopping online. 🙂 But, I am proof that staying in your customers inbox, increases sales.



Your newsletter plays a huge role in increasing your site’s traffic. Use links and images to direct customers to your website and social media pages. The more interaction with your brand a customer has the more loyal they will become to it. Use your newsletter to carry a theme across all your marketing that month. Highlight your topic on your website banner, direct mail pieces, social media posts, etc!
If you have an upcoming event, highlight it in your newsletter, and link to the event registration page on your website, or the Facebook event on your business page.
Want to feature a particular product, include a coupon, a visual image that will draw your customers eye and make them click on it to learn more about that product. Make sure the link they are taken to mentions that product or the coupon directly! Nothing will shut down a sale faster, than a link that takes them to your main page. A customer does not want to have to search for that item, make it as easy for them as possible!
Include links to your social media pages in your newsletter too. Including links within your articles is great, but I also recommend listing them somewhere on your newsletter as well. Make it easy for your customers to find and follow you on whatever platform they prefer! Seventy-eight percent of consumers said that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases (
Newsletters are a great way of staying at the front of your target audience until they are ready to make a purchase from you.  You worked hard to gain those customers, make sure they remember how awesome you are by being a resource they use regularly for information and tips.

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