The 30-Minute Marketing Plan

2018 is here! Aaak! Have you planned your goals and marketing for the year? (Insert groans here) No? Why not? (Insert random grumbling here) If you have a difficult time putting together a strategy, and “plan” to just wing it, read this easy marketing plan guide. The perfect tool for small business owners to make the most of 2018, all in about 30 min!

Marketing Plan To Do ListPlanning is necessary. But it doesn’t have to be hard! All you really have to do is set a few goals, and make a to-do list. That doesn’t sound too horrible does it? You’re thinking, “I make to-do lists all the time, maybe I CAN do this?!” YES! You can!

I like to put together a calendar.  An easy marketing plan, that I, or my customers, can follow every month. To keep on track, and not forget, to do throughout the year. I am hoping at some point, in the beginning of your companies existence, you sat down and outlined your ideal customer, did some research to know where they are hanging out and where they get their information (aka online, Facebook, Twitter, local radio, TV ads, local events, magazines) and you know what your budget is. Since, I know you have all that done, let start planning. 

Set a few goals and make a to-do list!

Take a look back over last year, what worked for you? What brought the most customers through your doors?
(Need help evaluating last year? Read last months post here!)
Now, what do you want to do this year?
• Do you want to grow your social media following?
• Do you want to target local customers with direct mail pieces that really wow?
• Do you want to hold a customer appreciation event?

easy marketing plan template

Download your free marketing template!
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Now let’s put these plans on your to-do list. Make a calendar (or download the free template above) with each month written down, and start moving the events and marketing techniques you want to use where they need to go. If you want to post on social media more frequently, put that on the calendar- every month. Do you have a special event happening in August? Put it on the calendar! Do you need to send out invitations or send out any special marketing pieces to go with that event? Put them on the calendar under the month those tasks need to be accomplished. See where we are going with this? Lay out all your important marketing tasks, quickly and easily with the above free easy marketing plan template!

Here is an example to get you started:
Sample Marketing TemplateNow that you have your template filled out, save it somewhere you will see every day, or at least once a week! Or better yet, put it on your calendar, and set reminders to go off at the appropriate time!

Do you work with a team? Share this with them so they know what to expect all year long. If you are creating calendar/reminder entries, share them with any and all team members who might be involved with the projects!

You are all done! You did it! You created your easy marketing plan for the whole year! Doesn’t that feel good? How long did it take you? 30 minutes?

I hope this template was helpful, please share this page with anyone you think might benefit! And please let me know how it works for you in the comments below!

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